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A new approach to discussions online.
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The Problems

Conversations on the Internet are great! But sometimes:

  • Interesting comments are lost among all others.

  • Someone writes falsehoods, or tries to upset others.

  • The discussion derails.

  • The topmost comment tends to get all attention and upvotes, even if it's not very interesting.

  • What does an upvote mean?

A Solution?

A new innovative discussion system — it's called Debiki, and it hopefully:

  • Saves time

  • Promotes fruitful discussions

  • Attracts more repeat visitors

Click the buttons above, e.g. A Forum or A Blog or Embedded Comments, to read more about how this is done for the type of product you are initerested in.

What is Debiki?

Debiki is my open source hobby project.

With Debiki, you can create your own forum, blog or website, with a creative new discussion system. Or add embedded comments to your existing site.

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