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Meaningful Discussions

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Meaningful Discussions

We help people find the insightful and useful comments, by showing them first. We believe this 1) helps people make better decisions, 2) gives a better understanding of others with different opinions, and 3) saves time. We have developed an algorithm that is better at finding the interesting and useful comments.


If someone replies to you or quotes your post, or mentions your @name, we'll notify you so you can participate in the discussion.

Find interesting disagreements

We highlight interesting things that people disagree about. We warn about possible factual errors and helps people realize when they, or other people, might be wrong.

SEO friendly

The most interesting comments are shown first, and they get indexed by search engines like Google and Bing (rather than some random early comments).

Works well for large discussions

It's usually easy to get lost in discussion with many comments. We mitigate this problem by letting you quickly jump to the parent comment to refresh your mind, and then back again and continue reading. And, if you're feeling adventurous, then enable our 2D layout which gives a nice overview of the discussion.

Search that works well

Debiki uses a dedicated full-text-search database (ElasticSearch) for good search results.

Log in with Google, Facebook, Yahoo

People can leave comments as guests, or login with Google, Facebook, Yahoo and OpenID.

Planned features

Some of these planned features were inspired by Discourse, which is new good forum software.
Discourse shows all comments in a flat list; it does not attempt to show the interesting and useful replies first.

Correct and up-to-date information

People can suggest improvements of each other's texts, and in that way fix broken links and factual errors.

Self moderating

When users interact with the forum in a good way, the forum software starts trusting them, and allows them to help out with moderating the forum.

View comments sorted chronologically

Debiki is mainly a threaded forum, which could make it hard to find the most recent replies. However, this is solved by a 'View last reply' button, and 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons.

Reply while you read

Jump between different topics and quote posts and gather more information whilst composing your reply.

Reply as a linked topic.

Click "Reply as new topic" to start a new topic, and that topic will be linked from the current topic.

Links automatically expand

Paste a link to Wikipedia, YouTube, GitHub and it'll expand and automatically include additional context information.

And lastly:

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